La Rosh Brand

While designing La Rosh brand I chose to highlight the issue of traditional handwork during preparing hats. To create a spesciel brand that specializes in handmade work. The owner of the brand, the hatter, Amalya Nimrod, makes each step in the process by hand while all the materials she uses come from different parts of the world. The hat are also very diverse styled, influenced by South American culture, Flklor and rural. I liked the theme of tradition and the globalisation so I connected the brand identity to the world of Atlas, maps, stamps, brown pages, and material Handmade.
As part of the branding – I made logo, business card, labels and paper bags.

Client | La Rosh
Video, filming and editing | Nerya Shohat
Photography | Karin Lapidot
Tel Aviv, 2014

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